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As experienced family law attorneys, we have noticed a trend of increasing litigation costs in family law matters along with an increasing wish by clients to find an alternative that is less costly, time consuming, and polarizing.  The Cooperative Divorce Project ("CDP"), a.k.a. Attorneys Disposition Services, has been established to address these concerns.

Ultimately, almost all cases are eventually settled by agreements reached between the parties with the assistance of their attorneys.  We at CDP believe that many protracted and expensive cases can be resolved by experienced attorneys at an earlier point in time, before the parties have become polarized and entrenched in litigation positions that have consumed their financial resources.  We believe that experienced lawyers working together, utilizing skills, knowledge, and expertise gained over many years of practice, may help avoid protracted and expensive litigation and find solutions at an earlier stage through a more cooperative process.

CDP attorneys work cooperatively to find and craft solutions and settlements as early as possible, taking into account each party’s right to full and complete due diligence.  We believe it is often possible to find at an earlier stage the same solutions that are found after months of discovery and litigation by utilizing our particular skills to enhance progress and to encourage the maintenance of civility and deliberative decisions by the parties.  

CDP offers cooperative dispute resolution at all stages of a family law matter through the various services that its member attorneys offer to lawyers and their clients.  CDP attorneys are independent family law professionals who share a dedication to a more cooperative and efficient dissolution process for divorcing couples.  We believe that a cooperative approach to conflict resolution is possible while simultaneously retaining an alliance with our clients.  That alliance includes critical and creative thinking for and with our clients together with the help of accounting or other professionals, as needed.  CDP is an alternative to and different than the “Collaborative Law” approach to conflict resolution.  

CDP members share a seasoned understanding of the complex legal and emotional backdrop against which a divorce takes place. Each respects the financial and emotional impact a divorce has on couples and their families.  CDP lawyers will work to foster a respectful and thoughtful interchange of information and ideas free of posturing and unnecessary conflict. We nevertheless are allied with our client’s interests and will maintain that alliance while frankly advising our clients and cooperatively dealing with the other party’s attorney.

 This approach is intended to move the dissolution forward in a manner consistent with every party’s fiduciary duty, every party’s right to full and complete disclosure, and every party’s right to a fair and deliberate resolution. We believe this can be done without compromising loyalty to our clients.  We will utilize our own knowledge and resources and the cooperative spirit and structure embraced by other member attorneys, all of whom have at least 20 years of experience as family law attorneys. 

 Our shared goal is the resolution of conflict rather than the creation of additional problems at a time that is fraught with challenges for each of our clients.

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