Independent family law professionals offering cooperative dispute resolution services to lawyers and their clients through CDP, The Cooperative Divorce Project.

The Cooperative Divorce Project ("CDP"), a.k.a. Attorneys Disposition Services, offers cooperative dispute resolution at all stages of a family law matter through the various services that its member attorneys offer to clients and to lawyers. We are independent professionals who share a dedication to containing conflict while simultaneously retaining an alliance with our clients that includes critical and creative thinking. We are very experienced professionals who believe that we also can facilitate conflict resolution for other attorneys and their clients.

Members of CDP are independent family law attorneys, with at least twenty (20) years of practice, who share a belief that marital dissolutions often are too contentious, expensive, and protracted. We also believe that potential clients often are seeking Client Representation within a process that may better contain conflict, mitigate costs, and shorten the time to conclusion of their divorces. That is why we spent several years developing an alternative dispute resolution process that focuses on a Cooperative Divorce process. This is intended to provide representation that better serves these individuals’ wishes while insuring that each client still retains an alliance with her/his attorney with the time and space needed for deliberative, informed, and thoughtful decision-making.

We also identified, while developing the Cooperative Divorce model, other areas in which our extensive experience and expertise can provide assistance containing conflict in divorce proceedings. These other areas include Case Management, Neutral Settlement/Mediation Conferences, and Discovery Management. These services are offered to other lawyers representing clients and seeking to contain conflict through Case Management, Settlement/Mediation Conferences, or Discovery disputes. The website menu identifies the different services offered and provides a fuller description of each service identified.

Each member’s contact information has been made available. This enables any interested individual contemplating divorce or any interested attorney seeking our other services to obtain more information as desired.

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